Ormeau Corporate Cup 2024

Corporate Cup Champions OCSC Aaron Kearney (Left) and Keith Knox (Right) with tournament organiser Gervis Knox

The Competition

Last week (21st March 2024), the Banana Block was abuzz with excitement and competitive spirit as it hosted the inaugural Ormeau Corporate Cup, coming right after an ambitious World Record attempt. This event marked a significant milestone in our club’s history, bringing together teams from various corporate sectors in a celebration of corporate table tennis.

The tournament featured eight teams, divided into two groups of four. The group stages were fiercely contested, with Citi ‘A’ & ‘B’, OCSC, and Queens University displaying exceptional skill and determination to progress through to the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals, Citi ‘A’ showcased their dominance with a convincing 3-0 win over their colleagues from Citi ‘B’. Standout performances came from Ranjit Singh and Harsha Sai, who won their singles and doubles matches against Richard Smith and Apoorv Sharma. In parallel, OCSC faced Queens University in a match that mirrored the intensity and skill of the first semi-final. Keith Knox and Aaron Kearney from OCSC were victorious in their singles and doubles matches against Chunfei Wu and Peifeng Li, setting the stage for a thrilling final.

The Final Showdown

The final was a much-anticipated battle between Citi ‘A’ and OCSC, held in the iconic Banana Block. Demonstrating strategic prowess, teamwork, and an indomitable will to win, OCSC emerged victorious winning 2-0 with Keith and Aaron both winning their matches against Ranjit and Harsha, crowning them the proud holders of the 2024 Corporate Cup.

Citi ‘A’ team Ranjit Singh (Left) and Harsha Sai (Right) with tournament organiser Gervis Knox

Finally there was a great battle for the coveted third place with Citi ‘B’ and Queens University battling it out. Queens University team of Chunfei and Peifeng finished as 2-1 winners and took third place honours.

Queens University team Peifeng Li (Left) and Chunfei Wu (Right) with tournament organiser Gervis Knox


The success of the Ormeau Corporate Cup could not have been achieved without the enthusiastic participation of all the teams. Their commitment, sportsmanship, and passion for table tennis were evident throughout the tournament and contributed to the event’s vibrant atmosphere.

Looking Forward

As we reflect on the triumphs and memorable moments of the 2024 Corporate Cup, we are filled with anticipation for next year’s tournament. We aim to build on the success of this year’s event, bringing more teams, more excitement, and more table tennis to the community.

The Ormeau Table Tennis Club extends its deepest gratitude to all participants, supporters, and staff who made the Corporate Cup a landmark event. We are excited to see this tournament grow and continue to foster a strong, vibrant table tennis community in Belfast.